Friday, May 6, 2011

Gasp...I am a Horrible blogger lately...

I couldn't possibly tell you why I have been so horrible at blogging as of late. I almost forgot my password...that is bad!!! :) Here are a few things to catch you up:

Brooklyn started school and LOVES the Dual Language Program.

On August 26, 2010 Brock Colson Bailey made his presence into the world. He is such a handsome little devil.

In September Matt and Lauren got married.

I also took some of my most treasured pictures. Before the wedding dad and I took the kids to the Old Latch Airport strip. Random for most, but precious to us. My Great-Grandfather "Grandaddy Meyers" Meyers Poole built the airport. He would fly his little private plane to Puerto Rico (I believe...maybe Costa Rica...don't ask why I always get it confused) frequently. As I started taking the pictures I just let the kids have fun for a minute. Then I also was attracted to the airport hangar as well. Once I got to the wedding I should my grandfather "Grandaddy" Donald Jones. He was the son-in-law to Grandaddy Meyers when he married my Grandmother Betty. I was a little nervous to show him because they had divorced years later and as I am an "outsider" to those times I didn't know what he would say. Come to find out he practically built the hangar by himself. It was a special moment. So prints made the perfect Christmas present. :)

Of course we are in full swing with Texas size football. Whoop! Whoop! Judson Rockets!

Comal County Fair...
Brooklyn entered this photography entry into the Comal County fair and got 2nd place for her category. She was quite upset that its wasn't first. :)

Also Fall brings Homecoming! This year Ben and Geraldine were here with little Jacqueline. He had so much fun.

October brings one of my favorite events of the year...The East Texas Yamboree!

Halloween! This year Brooklyn was an adorable Peacock and Jack a "Jack in the Box." They looked so cute!

Halloween Party...
While at mom and dads we had our annual Halloween fun!

November starts the end of football season and the playoffs! The last game of the year Brooklyn, Kylie Moulder, and Isabella Munoz all went on the field to cheer with the girls. I think this was a highlight of the season for Brooklyn. She was so thrilled!

Another plus of living in New Braunfels is the annual Train show. Jack loved it. The Bailey's came along too. Jack cannot get enough of trains that is for sure.

For Thanksgiving we celebrated at Bill and Sherree's I don't have any pictures! :/ We had a great time and although Joel wasn't playing football this year we had a great time. From this point til we left for Gilmer for Christmas I was one busy momma taking pictures. It was so fun! We also found out we are expecting a 3rd August 23rd. More to follow on that starting 2011. :) We are beyond thrilled after a stressful year of miscarriages.

Christmas this year was at mom and dad's in Gilmer. Everyone was there and we had so much fun. Mom and dad got each family cows this year for Christmas. We named ours Eleanor..aka "Ella."

Isn't she cute!?! Our kids were of course spoiled and we all had a blessed Christmas.

Since it has taken me hours to get caught up I will end here. :) We brought in the New Year at Jerry and Melva's annual New Year's Eve party. You know the boys go rodent hunting the girls chit-chat and have fun. The kids walk around aimlessly looking for somewhere to sleep. We love it!

Monday, August 23, 2010

1st day of Kindergarten for Brooklyn!

There she goes! Tear...Tear...:(
Brooklyn and her teacher.

A little something for the teacher.

Sunday before the big day. She had to wear this dress her Grammie made her. She is too cute in it.

Man...I love that face too!

Gotta love the SASS!